Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I love Halloween. I'm all for Jesus and Christmas is cool, but it's hard to top a night out on the town wearing a sexy costume. It's the one time of year that a good girl can dress like a bad girl. Every guy's fantasy (according to Usher) is the lady in the street, freak in the bed, and Halloween gives us the opportunity to take that inner freak out to the streets. So ironically, you're wearing a costume while showing your true self.

I usually have a hard time deciding what I'm going to be. A lot of it depends on where I'm going and who I'm going with. Here's a list of my costumes of Halloween Past - sexy firefighter (the costumes all have to have "sexy" in front of them, don't they?), a genie, a dominatrix (twice), sexy Bat Girl (see?) and a sexy cat.

This year I've decided to go as Catwoman because I've always wanted to. And I also decided this should be the sluttiest year ever because once I hit 30, I can't be as slutty. Of course, all my friends who are 30+ disagree with this. And maybe I do too. I'm not 30 yet after all and maybe my slut days aren't as numbered as I think.

What is it about Halloween? Why can't we dress however we want all year round? I don't really know the answer to that, but I do know that all the black vinyl in my closet only comes out once a year. I would definitely get propositioned on the street otherwise. Which actually happened one Halloween...true story. Luckily, I was a dominatrix that year so I had a whip.

I said in my last entry that sometimes it's fun to be someone else for awhile, and that's definitely what Halloween is about. It's fun doing something you know you're not supposed to. I think women in our society feel the need to repress themselves a lot. We're always in control of our image and concerned about what people think of us. "What does my ass look like in these jeans?" "What if he sees me without my makeup on?" "Do I look professional enough to be taken seriously?" "Is this classy enough for my meeting with the CEO?" "What will his mother think of this outfit?" "Can I wear this to a wedding?"

I think more about what I look like the first few times I go out with a guy. I want to look just right. I wear makeup, heels, a nice outfit that's flattering and my hair down. It'll be weeks before I'll let him see me without makeup or with my hair in a ponytail. Or worse - my lazy outfits like yoga pants and old t-shirts. I want him to always think I'm pretty, but most of all, I want to feel pretty because then I'll be confident and, oddly enough, comfortable.

There's something about that first lazy Saturday, though, isn't there? That first day when you both just lie around watching TV or movies, reading the paper in bed. You don't care what you look like or what you're wearing. The mask and costume are off. "Grey sweatpants, no makeup, so perfect."

We wear costumes every day - The Professional, The First Date, Happy Hour with the Girls, Cute Workout Girl. And Halloween is the day that the costume and the self can be totally free and wild. Not to mention we do feel hot in the slutty outfit we're "not supposed to wear." I say to hell with convention, let your inner slut out, girls. Meow!


Laundramatic said...

Oh man, I used to hate Halloween up until a few years ago... when I dressed up as Pam Anderson for Halloween. Granted I was never fond of Tommy Lee's on and off flame, I, nevertheless, felt surprisingly rejuvinated by my blond-wigged alter ego. It felt so different just being someone else for one night. Ever since then, I always look forward to Halloween with anticipation and so much excitement!

Carolina Girl said...

My inner slut has to stay in...I'm over the 30 mark and plus, my flab is keeping me from sexing it up! Now if I had Jennifer Anniston's body...that's another story. Meow!

*M* said...

I have to work at the bar on Halloween. We have to dress up like a drink. Got any pointers? My friend Jackie is dressing up like a dirty girl scout. I have to find something "sexy" and a drink. I already know the red headed slut thing.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

You can totally be slutty at 30+
I mean if I was skinny enough I would probably walk around in a bra and panties and put wings on my back and pretend I'm a victoria's secret angel.

zandria said...

I so agree! It's fun to dress up like someone you aren't, just for a short time.

That's interesting about you getting propositioned...I noticed that I was getting hit on quite a bit on Halloween night, and it wasn't the POLITE type of guy that I'm used to. Might have to think on this a bit further.

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