Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back From Oblivion!

I'm sorry!! I have no idea if you wonderful people even remember me, but I'm sorry I left you for so long!

The spring semester was pure hell, and I barely had time for the perfect boyfriend (yes, we're still dating!) much less for blogging. The summer has been super busy too, but even though nothing is slowing down, I've decided I have to. I have to chill a little before I have a frickin' meltdown.

It's late, and I'm up writing a paper for my summer school class, but I wanted to post a quick blog to say I miss you! I'll write more later. And while I have been keeping up with some of your blogs, I'm anxious to get back into the groove and get back in touch with all my favorite people on the internet!

Peace out! And I'

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