Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Listen Every Day

I love music because music helps us experience life. Every day, people go to their jobs, go home, maybe spend time with friends or family, but mostly, all days run into the next with nothing exceptional that distinguishes one from another. Because people forget to feel. And music helps remind us to feel. Music helps remind us why we go to that job, why home is important, why we love our friends, why we love our families, and what all that is about. Music helps us live.

If I didn't listen to music every day, I wouldn't feel as much - I would become hard and numb and I would never notice beauty or love or life. If you soak up the tones, bathe in the words, and submerge yourself into a little piece of music every once in awhile, a small, special piece that reminds you of a feeling you once had or helps you see a person in a new light, then the music has done its job - it has helped you to experience life.

Listen to music every day - real music, good music, pure music - and you will be amazed at how colors are brighter, people are outlined in a bolder shape, and every moment seems a little bit louder as though you've tuned your senses to a perfect pitch, a perfect beat, to hear everything around you and experience it a little more.

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