Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ryan Adams Has Troubles

I like my musicians like I like my men - slightly crazy in the head. Some of my favorites include Janis Joplin (the crazy killed her), Bob Dylan (the crazy's keepin' him alive), Adam Duritz (half the time he performs crazy drunk), Madonna (her crazy is still going strong) and I do love John Mayer despite the fact that he's a bit of an ass and rumor has it is now a junkie. Ryan Adams is as crazy as the day is long, and he did not disappoint Friday night. He brought the crazy full on.

Sadly, I did not make out with Ryan Adams or even meet the poor boy. Cuz he had a freak out. He was scheduled to perform for three hours - there wasn't even an opening act - but after an hour, he announced that his voice didn't sound good and he was embarrassed and humiliated and couldn't perform anymore. He left the stage dejected and pathetic. The crowd erupted in boos. I think some people even threw trash at the roadies.

I didn't mind too terribly much, though, because I got to see my favorite musician and he played my favorite song. Also, in a disturbing way, I'm turned on by his dark and brooding nature. I think only my love can fix him. Though I do have to admit I was pretty bummed that there was no harmonica player because the harmonica makes "Come Pick Me Up" the beauty that it is. And, of course, I fantasized that Mr. Adams was artfully skilled at my favorite instrument so learning he did not play it popped that bubble for me.

But the next time I see Ryan Adams, I'll jump his bones. That's a promise.


The Alleged Ringleader said...


Next time for sure! he most definitely OWES you!

Thomas said...

My favorite song of his is "Summer of '69".

Penny Lane said...

Aw thanks for reading, Thomas, but I have to tell you - Summer of 69 is actually Bryan Adams. Two totally different musicians. And Ryan Adams would kick your ass for saying that...and mine for not correcting it. A friend of mine went to a Ryan Adams concert once where someone requested that song, and he kicked them out. Even gave them $20 from his own wallet to reimburse them for their ticket.

Thomas said...

Kicked them out? Damn. I do know there's a difference. You'll find I like to kid. I've actually never listened to any of Ryan's stuff. I'll have to go check him out on You Tube. :)

Penny Lane said...

Yeah check him out! He's really talented.

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