Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dream Town?

Ok. I was watching TV yesterday afternoon and saw the most disturbing commercial. It was for the "Rose Petal Cottage." Some cute pink and purple house for little girls to play in. It's "part of the Dream Town collection," whatever that means. I get that little girls play house, but what was so icky was the slogan. "Where her dreams can grow." Her dreams can grow about two feet before her tiny head slams into the plastic ceiling.

Let me tell you about this pastel synthetic house. It had a washer and a dryer. It had a stove. It also had a crib for a baby. That's it. This little girl's dreams can only grow so far. She can do laundry! Ooo ah. She can cook! Ohh. She can take care of a baby! Eee.

When I was little, I had Professional Barbie. I had Doctor Barbie. I had the Barbie Dream House too, but there was a lot more room in that plastic mansion than just cooking, cleaning and parenting. Barbie taught me how to accessorize and that women wore high heels and have big boobs. This distorted me in a whole different way. But at least Barbie had options.

I don't have especially high professional ambitions. I want to always be intellectually stimulated, and I want to feel like my job fulfills a purpose. I want to teach because I care about helping people and I love the exchange of ideas and continuing education. And I want to be a good wife and mother too. I am not choosing a side in the supposed "Mommy Wars." I believe every woman has the right to decide her own path to happiness.

But eee gads, can't we teach girls ways to play make-believe that stretch their dreams instead of limit them?


Little Sister Pixie said...

Right on, Penny! This blog reminded me of at least one good friend I have, who still has to check in with her husband whenever she wants to attend an event with me. It's fair to say that it's probably going to be a while until we go out again.

Our generation taught us to go out & get a good education, which would eventually lead us into finding a great job. However, there are still some girls/women out there, who are choosing to live like their mothers did back in the 50's & 60's. These are the women who now regret not having been able to do more with their lives because they spent most of the time at home taking care of their family.

I know there are still some women out there that are ambitious and don't want to be limited to just making dinner, doing the laundry, washing dishes, etc. Your quote does ring very true. "Every woman does have the right to decide her own path to happiness." :)

Carolina Girl said...

What a bad msesage to send to young girls. You are right - you can be professional, have a career and STILL be a good wife and mommy. And OH YEA - hubby can do laundry too! hehe Good post :)

The Alleged Ringleader said...

That's ridiculous. I can't believe some of this shit they sell!

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