Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Makin' It To the Big Game

I love Peyton Manning. Love. L-O-V-E. I think he's an outstanding quarterback. Full of heart and he's a smart QB too, always has been. He's great fun to watch and truly one of the greatest players in NFL history. But he's kind of an underdog sometimes.

Everyone calls him a 'choke artist.' No one thought he would ever go to the Super Bowl, much less beat his arch nemesis the Patriots to get there. And just watching him out there on the field, you can tell that he's an emotional, passionate player. When he messes up, you see his frustration and disappointment on his face, but then you watch him try and try and try again with everything he has.

Sunday, the first half of the game was depressing. For awhile it was 21-3. The Colts ended the half with just a field goal more, taking them to 21-6. De-press-ing. The announcers were repeating all that trash talk, saying it seems like he'll just never get it together, never be able to pull it off. But then he did. They did. The Colts accomplished the biggest comeback in playoff history. Biggest. Ever.

Sometimes I feel like that. Like I'm just down and out, all the cards are stacked against me and I'm just never gonna figure things out, get them right or find my way. I feel like I'm down 21 to 3, with no hope. But when we believe all that hype about what's possible and what's not and about the pace the game needs to move in or the dynamics you need to win, we forget that what's most important and most needed is FAITH.

When you feel like what you want is never going to happen, you have to still hold onto that belief that it can and that it will. I feel so lost sometimes. What do I want to do? Where should I live? Who is right for me? What do I want? Oh, the questions. They'll make you crazy and make you feel like you don't know anything and haven't accomplished anything. And I feel that every once in awhile. But I have to remind myself that it ain't over til it's over. If my timeline seems a bit behind everyone else's, that doesn't mean I'm not gonna be able to catch up.

I can make it to my Super Bowl too. And so can you. I like to think that my screaming at the TV helps Peyton. And my defending him against everyone who says, 'Eh. I'm not a fanning,' makes a difference. The more people who believe in you, and who let you know it, the better chance you have of winning. Not that Peyt can hear me through the TV but...I believe my good thoughts and well wishes can travel through and affect things. So, let the people you love know you love them. Let them know you believe in them because it's true - they can do it. We can all make it to the big game.


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