Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chivalry and Dingo Juice

So the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day today is "chivalry." It's so foreign in this day and age that we actually need to be reminded of its definition. Sad.

Here's what ol' MW had to say -

The Word of the Day for January 25 is:

chivalry \SHIV-ul-ree\ noun
1 : mounted men-at-arms
2 : the system or practices of knighthood
*3 : the conduct, spirit, or character of the ideal knight

Example sentence:
"Chivalry is not completely dead," thought Alice when the man on the subway rose to offer her his seat.

Aw. And in the example sentence, they even told us, "We know you think chivalry is dead...but it doesn't have to be!"

I'd love a little chivalry every now and again. I can't complain, there are sweet boys out there who'll get a girl a glass of water at the bar, roll over in bed because his snoring's disturbing her and buy her window insulation because she complains of the cold. Those guys are great. But it seems they're in short supply these days.

This morning, I walked to my car and saw something white stuck on my windshield. I checked where I had parked, and it was a legal space. I checked to see if my license plate was visible through the windshield, and it was. I started getting really annoyed and angry, thinking what in the world could I have done to get a stupid ticket!

And then I saw it. It was a postcard. Not just any postcard. No. A postcard telling me all about how a man finally satisfied his lover after 21 long years with the help of a little concoction called ‘dingo juice.’ And my car was the only one on the whole street with this stupid postcard! What made them think I needed dingo juice?!?

So that's modern chivalry. A knight using some dingo juice to please his lady fair. I miss the good ol' days...


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