Friday, February 2, 2007

There's More to the Story...

I freaking love Grey's Anatomy. That show takes me through a whole range of emotions every week for that one little hour. I cry, I laugh, I get giddy, I empathize, I remember important people and important moments in my life. It's beautiful.

I missed last night's episode, but a friend from work downloaded it for me on a DVD so I just watched it over lunch. I sat at my desk, in my little cubicle, with a Baja Fresh burrito in front of me and popped the sucker into my computer. My eyes were glued to the screen. And at one point, I almost cried into my salsa the ep was so good.

Why do I love that show so much? Why do I love the rollercoaster of emotions each week? Why, after each episode is over, do I feel so relieved and relaxed?

We need to feel because when we do, we feel alive. It's why I listen to the music I listen to - it makes me feel. I thrive off of passion. I need to be passionate about something every day or I feel empty and bored. Passion is what gets the blood flowing into my heart. Passion about something. Lately, I'm passionate about my job. I'm passionate about the friends in my life. I'm always passionate about my family.

Last September, I went to a friend's wedding. I was going through a rough patch and had been feeling pretty beaten down. I needed...something. And I got it. I met a guy. He was funny, nice, interesting, he liked me and was full of compliments. It was a great weekend. We email every once in awhile, he's a nice guy, but nothing more came of it and nothing was supposed to. I just needed to be danced with. I needed to be reminded that I would dance again.

And maybe that's what Grey's reminds me too. That my life has a plan and a purpose. That I will feel again. I know it's fiction, I really do. But for some reason, the silly little drama-filled world of Seattle Grace Hospital gives me hope that there's more drama left in my story. Sometimes, I really do need to be reminded that the best is yet to come.


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