Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why TV is Better Than Homework

In the past few weeks, I’ve developed an embarrassing habit. Watching The O.C. on Soap Net. It’s a guilty pleasure, and my only defense is that it’s cathartic to watch melodrama when your own life is especially dramatic. And that show is just hilarious. It's so bad, it's just good.

Personally, I always had a thing for Seth. Sure, Ryan’s heroism and hot muscles are hard to beat (and did I say hot?), but there’s just something charming about that weird little emo kid in his music tees. He’s funny, quirky, honest and so gosh darn cute. My heart always melts for the goofy romantic marching to the beat of his own drummer.

Marissa, on the other hand, I was never a fan of. Always crying, always falling down, always drunk. Get ahold of yourself, woman! I liked her better when she was the gross ghost always puking in The Sixth Sense. Not sure exactly what Ryan saw in her, but there are those guys that love playing "knight in shining armor" and a trainwreck like that girl provided plenty of “Save the Day!” opportunities.

Other awesomely bad TV shows still in syndication are, of course, 90210, Charmed and I actually really like that show What I Like About You. Amanda Bynes is so cute, I just want to put her in my pocket! And whatever happened to Felicity? That was in syndication, but somehow is lost in cyberspace now. Ooo Ben was one hot hottie with smokin’ hot arm muscles. Did I say hot?

Syndication be darned, though, because there are bunches of awesomely bad shows on right now. Gossip Girl just had a mindboggling plotline that would give some soap operas a run for their money. Nate, a high school senior, had an affair with a married woman, Katherine, who turned out to be the stepmother of his friend Blair’s boyfriend, Marcus. Then it was revealed that Katherine was also having an affair with Marcus. Oh and Nate had to sleep with Katherine because she knew where his dad the embezzler was hiding out and threatened to tell the feds. Seriously, who thinks this stuff up? Literary geniuses, that’s who.

And don't forget The Hills. It’s reality (but not) and melodrama all rolled into one. But all the people are pretty and clad in trendy fashion. What girl doesn’t have a crush on Brody? Hell, I even have a girl crush on Lauren. LC, if you’re reading, let’s be friends. I know we’d get along great, and I promise not to date one of your exes or tell the world about your sex tape. Think you can hook me up with some designer duds?

All I know is life is a lot more entertaining on television. For that matter, so is drama. What I wouldn’t give right now for a good, old fashioned love triangle with a couple of musclely dudes or a friend who’s being stalked by an ex on coke. Thank God for TV.


Little Sister Pixie said...

Ok, I'll admit that I watch The Hills too. Though these girls are my niece's age, it's the life I sort of dreamed about for myself many years ago. Anyway, LC and her gal pals lives are much more exciting than mine, so I think that's why I like to watch it when I can.

Not only is TV much better than homework, but so is surfing the Net! ;)

Melanie said...

It's SO rare to find other people that liked Felicity. I LOVED that show so much I bought all 4 seasons on DVD. Every now and then I pull them out and watch them all again. And no worries, I was halfway done with college with The O.C. started, and I never missed an episode. I'd marry Seth if I could.

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