Friday, February 6, 2009

My Boyfriend is Better Than Your Honor Student

I have the sweetest, bestest boyfriend ever! This is gonna be a mushy one, y'all, so grab a bucket in case you get sick. ;)

A few days ago, I was sad because I missed my friends in DC. I was homesick for them. And I told him. His immediate response? "When are we going to visit them?" Aw. I should tell you all that because of his job, he flies for free and can take guests with him too. So after listening to me sniff-sniff a little, he planned a weekend trip for us to DC. We're leaving in a few hours! I can't wait! I'm so excited for him to meet my friends, but I'm also so excited for them to meet him. I want to show him and his awesomeness off.

As I'm swimming in giddiness lately, I decided to write a cheese-tastic list about my FlyBoy so you all can get to know him a little and I can brag about how wonderful he is and how friggin' lucky I am.

My boyfriend is great because...

  • He loves my cooking and is so great about doing the dishes after we eat!
  • He's sweet to my fluffy little girlie dog and gives her lots of attention...even though she's a fluffy little girlie dog.
  • He's my absolute favorite person to sleep with. And yes, I mean sleep! He's so cuddly and we fit so well together. I have the most restful sleep with him. I'm addicted.
  • He's laidback and easygoing and has fun no matter what.
  • He's always excited about hanging out with my friends and makes an effort. And he likes them a lot. And they just love him!
  • He's adventurous and spontaneous.
  • He's more compatible with me than anyone I've ever ever dated, I didn't even know it could be this good - we like to do the same things, have similar dispositions and outlooks, we're both really smiley, have fun no matter what we're's like we were made from the same mold. Seriously. Aw.
  • Oh my gosh - he loves to dance! And he's good at it!
  • He has the hottest arms and the cutest ass!
  • He's very generous and gifted...
  • He loves sports, especially college football, but our teams don't play each other. So he can sing Rocky Top and I can...I don't know what Georgia Tech fans do. Buzz?
  • He's so perceptive and intuitive when it comes to me. It's like he can read my mind. I don't know if he's psychic or if he just pays really good attention.
  • He makes me giggle!
  • He's strong and secure, yet also soft and open.
  • He makes jokes about Stepford Wives just like I do! Phew. Nothing to worry about with this one.
  • He loves New York!
  • And he loves to travel to new places and would be happy as a clam to go somewhere new every weekend.

I was thinking about something yesterday that I think sums it all up. A friend told me a few years ago about a book she read called "The Five Languages of Love," and it made the most sense to me.

The premise of it is that there are five ways of expressing/interpreting love - physical affection; making time for someone/spending time with someone; verbal expressions; monetary gifts; and acts of service - and that each individual expresses/interprets love in different ways. So I might rank the five languages differently than you would. And I might rank them differently in terms of how I personally express my love for others and then how I interpret that someone cares for me.

With FlyBoy, this is the first time I can honestly say that I'm dating someone who expresses his feelings in each of the five ways. I just feel so loved. I don't even mean "loooove" as in "I love you." I just mean that I feel his feelings for me. I know he cares. I am just the luckiest girl alive. And I'm off to have another wonderful weekend with this wonderful boy!

(Thanks for indulging my mushiness - I promise not to turn this into one of those icky-lovey-dovey-doo blogs.)


Anonymous said...

This made me grin from ear to ear! Hooray!

The Alleged Ringleader said...

So totally jealous!
Have a blast this weekend!

Carolina Girl said...

I'm sooooooooooooooooo happy for you! He sounds amazing! I'm sure he feels JUST as happy to be with you :) Have an amazing trip!

MelBee said...

Whatever. Coming to DC again. I see how it is. Hmmpphhh...

But YAY for awesomeness. WOW I sounded 12 in that last statement.

Have FUN!!!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh he sounds like a complete GEM!! Diamond in the rough, for sure. I cant wait to hear about the great weekend (read: don't keep us waiting long for the lovey dovey mushy update) :)

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