Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If Oscar Can Be a Grouch, So Can I.


Do you remember that children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Well, that has been today for me. Ugh.

It started out rotten with a bad dream. Then I overslept, couldn't find parking, was late all day...just all around rottenness. And I didn't hear from the new guy until just a few minutes ago (that's 10:30 pm Eastern Standard Time for curious minds). He was traveling all day, had plans as soon as his plane landed, blah blah. I had a bad day. Shouldn't he cosmicly know that and come to my rescue with flowers and hugs? :/

The truth is, as any of you who pay attention to this little blot on the world wide web already know, I'm really good at shutting people out and really awful at letting people in. Oh yes, I'm trying, I'm trying damn hard this time around and who knows? It may all work out and there will be roses popping up with every step and forest creatures hopping along behind me one day. But then again...it may not.

So I had a bad day and I just don't want to talk to him about it. This is still new, we're still learning each other, and all that takes time and shouldn't be rushed. I think part of it is that he's so great, he really is too good to be true. And too good to be true means too good to be trusted. I'm good at taking care of myself...ok, sometimes more so than others...but the point is, I truly don't mind being single. I actually rather love it sometimes. And when I don't, I think I'm still pretty good at it. But the other stuff, the being with someone stuff, sharing the good days and the bad...that's the stuff that's pretty hard.

So ugh. I'm going to end this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day with a glass of wine, a DVR-ed episode of Gossip Girl and a Tylenol PM. And I'm just not gonna call the boy back tonight and wallow in my bad day. Sigh. Tomorrow who knows.

* It was disturbingly tough to find an image of Oscar the Grouch looking grouchy. For a grouch, he smiles too much. I worry this is another misguided attempt to make our beloved Seasame Street more P.C. First the Cookie Monster stops eating cookies because of the calories and now this? What's next? Big Bird is Big Boned Bird? Geez, people, they're puppets.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better I gave you lemonade on my blog.

I'm waiting for Mr. Snuffleupagus to disappear once they start giving Big Bird a perscription for anti-psychotics.

but...then of course the whole show would just sort of *whoosh*

Anonymous said...

It's good to be a bit cautious, but if you can, maybe let him in little bits at a time and see how you get on.
He might be too good to be true but he might also just be a genuinely good guy x

Carolyn said...

Ahhhh it's so hard to trust and let people in, especially when you're as independent and self sufficient as you sound. I know first hand how that is (I'm exactly like that, actually) and it's not something that's an easy fix for women like us.

But what if...what if he turns out to just be great. No strings attached, nothing hiding, no skeletons in the closet to find a year into it-great??!!

You owe it to yourself to find that out, because I'm quite sure you deserve that.

And if you're wrong, then you pick up the pieces and you move on...like we always do.

But there is a chance you'll be right...and I think it would be worth the cost for you to figure that out.

Hang in there!!

The Alleged Ringleader said...

You are totally allowed to be a grouch and have a pity party after the day you had girl!
Feel better!

Carolina Girl said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day! I'm very similar to you - I like to shut people out sometimes. You want them to know, and yet you don't. He sounds like a great guy...and he sounds crazy about you :) But trust your insticts - they'll always be good to you.

PS I love me some Oscar the Grouch.

Carolina Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L said...

Cookie monster eats less cookies now? What?!? And since I'm forced to watch sesame street at least 2x's a week thanks to the kleine Hexe how did I not pickup on this? And is it really working? ...b/c kleine Hexe certainly isn't asking for fewer cookies. This news just changed my world.

And this is a (few) day(s) late but I'm sorry you had a bad day. You're hot!

L said...

And the next time you have a bad day remember to get in touch so you can hear the little one tell you that you are her favorite. She's picky and over everyone, near and far, you are her favorite... which means you are a whole lot of awesome. It won't help get you anywhere on time or help with all the stuff you have to deal w/, but it's good for a few moments of escapism.

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