Thursday, May 1, 2008

She Give Me Love, Love, Love, Love - Crazy Love

There are a lot of fun songs about how wild love makes you feel. Aerosmith, of course,with "Crazy." There's "Love Her Madly" by The Doors. I really like “Laid.” I think it’s one of the greatest songs about crazy love. You’re making me crazy! When are you comin’ home?? Great line. Just a sidenote, but that song also has the greatest third line of any song ever. Think about it…yeah.

I think all the good boys and girls can agree that the all-time greatest crazy love song is (duh) “Crazy Love.” My all-time favorite Van Morrison song is “Tupelo Honey,” because, let’s face it, I am as sweet as tupelo honey. But “Crazy Love” is tough to beat. In fact, I'd definitely put it up in the top five greatest love songs of all time.

It’s a rare and beautiful thing when you find someone that you’re “crazy” about. That makes you wanna do crazy things, makes you feel like you’re losing your mind, someone that you think about incessantly because that’s just how crazy-wild that love is.

Whenever people tell me that I’m gonna find someone, I smile and thank them. It’s something people say, and you let them. It’s really nice actually. Like they’re saying they want all good things for you and believe because you deserve it, it will happen. But a couple of times when someone has said that to me, they’ve told me they know that when it happens for me, it’ll be “big love.” Knock-me-off-of-my-feet, take-your-breath-away big love. Thank you, I’ll take that.

I want crazy love. I want the first week to last for all of time, and I want to feel invincible. I want someone to say, “Yes, of course” when I suggest driving to the beach to see the sunrise…even if it’s six hours away. I want surprises. I want to know that even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else, it’s the only thing that makes sense to us. I want butterflies and giddy grins and hands that can’t stop groping and feeling. Aw. I’m such a sap.

But seriously. Shouldn’t love be that way? I think there’s something wrong when it isn’t. For me, anyway, I know that if I don't feel it in every part of me, if there's no passion or fever, it's not working. It’s one of the ways that I can tell instantly whether something’s gonna work out with a guy. Does it register on the crazy meter? If not, I might still date him, hoping it will change or fooling myself into thinking it doesn’t matter, but in the end, crazy is where it’s at for this one.

I love watching my friends find love. There is nothing more wonderful to me than to see such special people find happiness. And they all have done some crazy wild things for that love. Love has no rules, as I always say, but there are some that most people agree on and when those are broken, crazy love is the culprit.

I’ve seen quite a few long distance relationships with happy endings. As a matter of fact, the majority of my married friends had a portion of the relationship that was long distance. Random. One of those was especially crazy. They met for dinner once (he’s the cousin of a friend), and then spent a month together. Just hanging out all day, makin’ out, learning each other. Then she moved to Florida. He lived in Vermont, and after a few months of phone calls, moved down there with her. And they just hung out. Worked at restaurants, went to the beach, had a blast. Then they move again. She to Tennessee and then DC, him back to Vermont…and then to DC. Cuz he couldn’t get enough of that crazy love.

Another friend met a guy, fell for him instantly, and by the third date (THIRD!), they both agreed they were soulmates. A little spooky for me, but yay for them. My cousin met her husband at a happy hour. He told his friend she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and the friend told her. He fell so hard for her that he started calling her all the damn time and scared her off. She starts ignoring his calls, and finally he gets the hint. Until he sees her 3 months later and recognizes “his blond.” They talk and end up finally going out on a dinner date. Where he gives her the cork to the wine bottle they shared, writes the date on it and tells her to save it because he’s gonna marry her one day.

Ooo one girl I knew in New York was a total urban legend. She met a guy at a dance club, brought him home, had wild one night stand sex and then dude got on a plane and flew back to London where he lived! Less than a year later, she moved there too and now they’re married. Wha-huh?

You know what I just realized? In all of those stories I just shared, one or both of the people involved knew instantly that they’d found their soulmate. I can get spooked and am so careful with my heart I could never admit it if I thought a guy was the one, but it is nice when a guy thinks I am. It's safe at least. Though anyone who has said something like that to me, I've said "Thanks." and then been right when it didn't work out.

These are just a few of my favorites, but every love story is good. My story will be great. Sonnets will be written about it, birds will spell out words in the sky and flowers will bend towards us. Haha. I know what you’re thinking: This girl’s a little bit crazy. Yes. But don’t you think that means I’m perfectly predisposed for some major crazy love? Or at the very least, some damn fun rides.


Lyla Lou said...

This has to be one of my favorite posts ever! Not only do you reference on eof my favorite songs(Crazy Love), but the love stories are so sweet, I'm almost feeling a little hopeful right now=)

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