Thursday, January 8, 2009

P to the S

Ok. Ya know what? I'm making my own blog award. That's right. It's out of turn, it's out of the box, it's outta controlll!

If there is one blogger who has always encouraged and supported me through this wacky little online world, it's Melrox over at Live for Today. Her blog headline quote says it all: "If you ask me what I came into the world to do, I will tell you; I came to live out loud."

And that she does. She's always honest, open and doesn't hold back. I think she's in fact incapable of bullshit. And from what I know of her, she'd be a great friend to have because she's loyal and would do anything for her friends. I literally did a Google search for just the right blog award for this gal, and that's how I came up with this -

Pass it along!


Melrox said...

My very first blogging award.

You aren't just being nice to me because I didn't get picked for the last one are you?

Thanks for all of the NICE things you said about me.

I am perfectlu capable of bullshit but mostly for humor.

BTW, I am happy to see that you met a man. GO YOU!

I'll be in DC on Sunday and I'll say hello to the city for you before all the inauguration crazies mess it up.

Anonymous said...

I might have to start making my own up too! And I still have to pass on the one that you gave me!

ao said...

hey!!! thanks for your comment. miss you! i need to step up my blog again. and what is this about a BOY? :)

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